Special Hospital
for Cerebral Palsy
and Developmental Neurology

Useful information

First examination.

Community health center pediatrician will send you with the appropriate refferal slip.


Referral slip is required for each checkup (011/266-77-55). Exact date and time of the checkup can be agreed upon with the physician who made the first examintion.


If you do not have referral slip and still want your child to be examined in our institution, it is possible to pay for the examination and/or therapeutic procedures according to the price-list of the Ministry of Health.

You have made an EEG (electroencephalography) examination appointment (011/266-77-55, extension 124). Bring medical care card and referral slip. If your child is fed, sleepy and its hair clean, the examination will last shorter and be more efficient. For further assistance consult to our technicians.

You have made an ultrasound hips and head scan appointment (011/266-77-55, extension 110). Bring medical care card, referral slip, clean diaper, maternity hospital discharge order and physiatrist’s or other physician’s medical findings.

You have fixed hospital admittance - bring medical care card and referral slips for child and the person accompanying it (mother, grandmother). Call 011/266-77-55, extension 113 in mornings to ask for information about the things you should bring to hospital.