Special Hospital
for Cerebral Palsy
and Developmental Neurology


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Out-patient department

Out-patient department offers monitoring of children born with high risk, early detection and treatment of cerebral palsied children.

Your child will be thoroughly examined by a team of specialists consisting of: physicians (physiatrist, pediatrician, neurologist, dentist, consultants of other special studies), psychologist, special teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, as well as other team members.

Diagnostic proceeding within the out-patient department can be supplemented by the electroencephalography (EEG) and ultrasound examination (central nervous system and hips ultrasound).

When the necessary examinations are completed, there is a series of treatment programs of use to the proper psyche-motor development and alleviation of the existing developmental- neurologic disorders:

  • Kinesytherapy - working with physical therapists, you will learn exercises according to the methods od doctor Bobath and doctor Vojta useful for the child’s development, but also get to know other methods of habiliation (electro therapy, bio-feedback etc.);
  • Work therapy - find out how to perform everyday routine: bathing and feeding can become easier, even with a neurologic disorder;
  • Psychologic treatment - you will get the right advice and help with each doubt concerning the child’s psychologic development, as well as help to achieve the best possible relationship between you and your child;
  • Speech therapist treatment - you will learn how to help your child in the best possible way to start speaking as soon as possible and as well as possible in accordance with its abilities;
  • Special teacher - will help you prepare your child for school and school activities in the most effective way.

You will learn about the botulini toxin treatment from our physician and get a recommendation for orthopedic and other aids.

This way you will become team member taking care of the best possible psyche-motor development of your child in accordance with its needs and abilities.